About Us

Visual Health Systems is a privately-owned company located in Perrysburg, Ohio. VHS is a manufacturer of various visual communication aides with a focus in the health care industry.  Our companies main focus is on customized communication aides.  When we work with a customer, we like to have a conversation first to fully understand the needs that the product will ultimately fill.  After having a good understanding of our customers needs and wants, we begin the design process. 

Our sales staff works with both the customer and our in-house design team to take a beginning concept thru various artwork iterations, and ultimately to a completed layout.  Once the customer has approved the final artwork, the product moves into the production phase where the customer chooses from the various types of products and media offered to display their product on.

Visual Health Systems is committed to helping its Health Care Industry partners design, implement, and use VHS products to better effectively communicate with their patients, nurses, doctors, family and friends on a daily and even hourly basis.

If you would like to get to know the team members and discuss your next project and visual communication needs, email us at info@visualhealthsystems.com and a member of the team will reach back out to you shortly to talk!

The Visual Health System design team drawing on a white board.

Our Process


Meet and discuss your hospital and patient groups treatment and care specific needs. We also will work to understand your networks branding and design goals.


Start with first pass design artwork.  We will then work with you directly to make changes and improvements throughout the design process until we have developed the perfect communication tool for you to use with your patients.  During this phase, we will also discuss the different products we have available to determine the right fit for your group.


Once you have your communication tools in hand, we will follow up with you to make sure they are effective.  We will also support you after installation with any accessories and additional tools you may find that can continue to improve your patients experience moving forward.